WHen you need great ideas.

First we listen and learn about your company. Then we build on what sets you apart and develop innovative, effective content that amplifies your unique value.

New ideas balanced with experience. We blend decades of disciplined design experience with edgy new approaches to reach your target market. Sometimes a conservative approach still works best. Other times all creative bets are off. Inside the box or out, we use the talent and creative direction that works best for you.

Client success is more important to us than awards on the wall

Over the last 30 years, we have won quite a few design and marketing awards for print collateral, advertising design and exhibition graphics. More than we can remember actually. Although we proudly display some of them, we do not place our emphasis on getting more awards. We consider getting RESULTS for you our greatest recognition.

While it is great to be applauded by your peers with awards for outstanding creative work, the real REWARD we are always seeking is customer RECALL and customer ACTION. At Westfall Harrison, it is not considered great creative unless it works to build your brand or better sell your products and services. Your success is how we gauge our success.

For example, great measurement tools for gauging print advertising customer recall are Ad Measurement, Editorial Readership, and Audience Profile Studies. Our success is evidenced by client advertising we have created receiving over 50 readership and ad effect awards. That is a lot of effective ad recall.

We continue today to utilize digital professionals and software to further measure customer recall with CTC, SEO and CPC (PPC) technologies to gauge web traffic and digital advertising ROI.

Print or digital, we are constantly looking for new ways to rent more mind space for our clients. Whatever gets you the RESULTS you need is reward enough for us. Anything else is just gravy.


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P: 281-232-9465
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